Fr. Ly has published an updated letter outlining the guidelines and live stream for Holy Week. In addition, he would like to keep in contact with our more senior parishioners. Download PDF.


Fr. Ly has published a letter outlining the guidelines and schedule of live streamed Masses and services for Holy Week and Triduum 2020, as well as means of communication to keep the parish community connected during this time physically apart. Download PDF.

Note: some information and links have been superseded by the Apr 4 update above.


Our Sunday Mass video stream page is now online. Please bookmark it for Masses each week.


We will be bringing live streamed Mass online this Sunday. Please stay tuned for further details. In the meantime, here is a video message in Cantonese from our pastor Fr. Joseph Ly.

Also, beginning from this Sunday, March 29th, we will setup a “Meeting with Fr. Ly” chatroom. Before our chat, we will recite the “Divine Mercy Chaplet” to pray for the coronavirus deceased for the reposed of their souls, for all the sick people, for their families and for all health care workers. Detailed information, please contact Karina Lai: klai_baby@yahoo.com

聖方濟堂的感恩聖祭,請瀏覽聖方濟堂區的網頁 http://sfx.rcav.org/,我們將會在3月28日(星期六) 黃昏上載「網上主日感恩祭」。

還有,我們會從今主日(3月29日)開始,開設「與李神父有個約會」的網上見面機會。在傾談前,我們一起誦唸「慈悲串經」,為在疫症中去世的靈魂、正在被病患煎熬的人及其家人和醫護人員祈禱。詳情請聯絡: Karina Lai: klai_baby@yahoo.com

2020/03/20 – Parish announcement

Dear Brothers and Sisters in St. Francis Xavier Parish,

It is sorrowful to make this announcement as per most recent guideline from Archdiocese of Vancouver, all masses and spiritual activities will be suspended until further notice.
I enclosed my letter to my beloved parishioners and we will keep in touch through my Pastor’s corner. It will be circulated through our SFX Phone Applications and SFX website.

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Please feel free to circulate my letter with your family members, sodality and group members.
Please pray together during this difficult time.

In Christ,
Fr. Joseph Ly, CSJB
Fr. Ly's letter to parishioners March 20, 2020


2020/03/20 – Archdiocese announcement

The Archbishop has published a new directive stating “all Masses, whether Sunday or weekday, beginning on Saturday, March 21, are to be offered without a public congregation, until further notice. This likewise applies to other parish activities and celebrations, such as Stations of the Cross, and so on.” Please read the full letter on the Archdiocese website or below.



經過進一步虔誠禱告的考慮; 經過不小的悲傷;聽取資深的神父和其他神父關於整個總主教教區需要一個單一指引的信息; 並符合卑斯省其他教區的規定; 我指示 : 從三月廿一日星期六開始的所有群眾活動,無論是星期日還是平日的彌撒,都將在沒有公眾教眾的情況下進行,直至另行通知為止。 這同樣適用於其他教區活動和慶祝活動,例如苦路善工等。


當神領彌撒紀念基督為我們所作的愛的犧性行動時,這個空前的決定並沒有被輕率地做出。「我 賜 給 你 們 一 條 新 命 令 , 乃 是 叫 你 們 彼 此 相 愛 ; 我 怎 樣 愛 你 們 , 你 們 也 要 怎 樣 相 愛」(約 翰 福 音第十三章第三十四章第)。 在這個艱難的時期,這意味著我們必須遵循本省和國家衛生當局的指示,確保社區的健康和安全。


只要有可能(即只要能認真照顧社區的健康和安全),教堂就可以開放供私人祈禱和朝拜。 但是,為了廣大社區的利益,強烈建議年長者或患有嚴重疾病的人留在家中,並私自暗裏地向天父祈禱(參看馬太福音第六章第六節)。





+ J. Michael Miller, CSB



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

After further prayerful consideration; and after no small amount of sadness; and after hearing from senior pastors and others about the need for a single directive for the entire Archdiocese; and in keeping with the regulations of the other Dioceses of British Columbia; I direct that all Masses, whether Sunday or weekday, beginning on Saturday, March 21, are to be offered without a public congregation, until further notice. This likewise applies to other parish activities and celebrations, such as Stations of the Cross, and so on.

Consequently, all the faithful are dispensed, for the time being, from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.

As Holy Mass commemorates Christ’s sacrificial act of love for us, this unprecedented decision was not taken lightly. It follows from the Lord’s commandment that we love one another as he has loved us (cf. Jn 13:34). In this trying time, this means that we must ensure the health and safety of our community by following the directives of our provincial and national health authorities.

Recognizing the great sacrifice involved for those who are unable to receive the Eucharist, particularly during this time of suffering, I invite all the faithful to deepen their relationship to the Lord by uniting themselves to his Passion.

Wherever possible – that is, whenever the health and safety of the community can be scrupulously attended to – churches may remain open for private prayer and Adoration. However, for the good of the wider community, seniors or those who have serious medical conditions are strongly urged to remain at home and pray to the Father in secret (cf. Mt 6:6).

Further communications about continuing to meet the spiritual needs of the faithful will be forthcoming.

This directive supersedes previous measures taken in regard to the celebration of Mass during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the assurance of my prayers for you and your families, I remain

Sincerely yours in Christ,

+ J. Michael Miller, CSB
Archbishop of Vancouver


Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB gives a video message to the faithful of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.


The Archdiocese has published updated guidelines today:

  • All parishes are to continue offering Sunday and daily Mass at the appointed times. Attendance must be kept at or below the 50 people required by the Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Health and the “social distancing” of two metres is maintained. Parishes may have Mass in more than one space at a time, such as in the church and in the parish hall, provided that each location has a separate entrance, so that the congregations do not mix.
  • All communal penitential services are to be cancelled.
  • Provision is to be made for the Sacrament of Reconciliation to be available to all who seek it, taking into account the following considerations:
    1. Confessionals should not be used at this time, for health reasons;
    2. Confessions should be heard in a room large enough to allow at least a two-metre distance between priest and penitent, but without being overheard. Provision should also be made (a portable screen or other means) for those who wish to confess anonymously. This may require playing chant or other music in the background. I count on you to find other creative ways to make it possible for the faithful to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • Churches are to remain open as usual, for private prayer. Daily Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is encouraged for as many hours as possible. Ensure by suitable means that the required “social distancing” is maintained by those at prayer.

For all effective COVID-19 guidelines, please see the Archdiocesan website.


The Archdiocese has published updated guidelines in response to the new governmental directives and recommendations for reducing transmission of the novel coronavirus.

In accordance with the Public Health Officer Order issued this morning, attendance at Mass or any other parish or Archdiocesan event is limited to a maximum of 50 people, effective immediately.  Avoid physical contact with others. A distance of two metres should be maintained at all times, including in the lineup or at the rail to receive Holy Communion. Congregants should sit in alternating rows.

For all effective COVID-19 guidelines, please see the Archdiocesan website.


The Archbishop of Vancouver has announced that the obligation of attending Sunday Mass is lifted for everyone until further notice. Please read his letter for full details.

In order to continue assisting local public health efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is lifted for everyone.
Those over the age of 65 are encouraged to stay home rather than attending Sunday Mass, as are those who feel even remotely unwell and those who believe they might be genuinely at risk.
Those who do not attend Mass are encouraged to watch Mass online or on TV, or have a time of prayer, if possible with the readings of the Sunday, and a spiritual communion.

The BC Catholic has listed resources to watch Mass online or on TV.

更新– 2020年3月14日(星期六)



隨著這種情況繼續迅速發展,我鼓勵教友在你的教區和大主教教區注册或更新你的電子郵件,以便我們可以隨時通知最新情況。 請在這裡註冊:https://rcav.org/corona

我保證仍然會為大家祈禱 !



+ J. Michael Miller, CSB


Fr. Ly has published an announcement regarding the parish’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. 請看本堂神父最新指引.  Download PDF

Also, the Archbishop has published a new letter today with further recommendations to reduce transmission of the novel coronavirus.

更新– 2020年3月13日(星期五)


昨天下午,由於人們増加關注新型冠狀疫症的傳播,卑斯省的公共衛生官指示「所有活動的組織者都要取消任何超過二百五十人的聚會。」 請遵守此新指令,直到另行通知,並且為了對整個社區的福祉的審慎關注,參加溫哥華大主教管轄區的彌撒或任何其他教堂活動的人數最多為二百五十人。


如果由於這些限製而導致任何教友無法參與彌撒聖祭,則可以鼓勵他們尋找另一個彌撒來參加。但是,鑑於有人試圖去參加彌撒,並且由於無法控制情況而無法參加, 他們已經履行了義務。 鼓勵那些不能參與彌撒的人有時間禱告,如果可能的話,請閱讀週日彌撒經作為屬靈的聖餐。

提醒信徒盡量避免與其他參與彌撒的人發生身體接觸,並應努力保持彼此之間的安全距離。 鼓勵六十五歲以上的人留在家裡而不是參加週日彌撒,那些感到極度不適的人和那些認為自己可能真正處於有風險之中的人也是如此。

請記住要考慮以前的備忘錄中有關此主題的建議,所有建議都可以在rcav.org/coronavirus網址找到。 這些措施只是暫時的,目的是使我們度過艱難的時刻,非常感謝您的耐心和善意。




+ J. Michael Miller, CSB


The Archbishop of Vancouver has published the following statement with recommendations on preventing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.



本省首席衛生官寶尼.韓莉醫生Dr. Bonnie Henry對防止「新型冠狀肺炎病毒COVID-19 virus」,發出了公告指引。我根據她的指引,要求你們在所屬堂區,執行以下的囑咐。

  • 彌撒中「互祝平安」時,僅以互相點頭致意,免除其它的慣常做法。
  • 移除進堂時醮用的聖水。
  • 停止信眾從聖爵領聖血。
  • 任何身體不適的教友,應該避免參與彌撒和所有堂區活動。當然,要按照衛生廳的指引,從發生疫症地方回來的教友,要遵守規定自我隔離。



我們會隨時更新有關「新型冠狀肺炎病毒COVID-19 virus」的資料,你們可到教區網頁查閱www.rcav.org/coronavirus





+ J. Michael Miller, CSB


March 5, 2020
The Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the senior public health official for BC, has issued some recommendations in reference to preventing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. In line with those recommendations, I ask that you put the following measures in place.

  • At the Sign of Peace, a bow instead of the usual greeting;
  • Remove Holy Water from fonts which are used by our parishioners to bless themselves;
  • Forgo Holy Communion from the chalice for the congregation;
  • Also, people should be reminded that, as always, if they are sick they should not be coming to Holy Mass or other events. In addition, people returning from affected areas in the world should follow health ministry guidelines on being isolated from the public.

Given that there is no guarantee that a communicant’s hands are germ-free, people remain free to receive Holy Communion either on the tongue or in the hand.

Apart from the above, the following statement from the Ministry of Health should be followed: “The most important measures people in B.C. can take to prevent respiratory illnesses including COVID-19, are cleaning your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face, coughing or sneezing into your elbow sleeve, disposing of tissues appropriately and staying home and away from others if you are sick.”

We will be updating our COVID-19 virus page with the latest information, which can be found at rcav.org/coronavirus

Thank you for your attention to these details and our concern for everyone’s health.


+J. Michael Miller, CSB

Archbishop of Vancouver