July 04 will be the last week to livestream Cantonese and English masses. We will discontinue Sunday Livestream Masses as of July 11 (next Sunday). Mandarin livestream mass will be discontinued this Sunday.
7 月 4 日將是最後一週直播粵語和英語的彌撒。 我們將從 7 月 11 日(下主日)開始暫停主日直播彌撒。 國語直播彌撒將於本主日(7 月 3日)暫停。

Many parishes have set up Live Streaming of the Mass. This is a wonderful way to stay connected in a prayerful way.  Sunday Masses in Cantonese and Mandarin will be published below.  For English Masses from other parishes, see the links on the right sidebar.

許多教區已經配置或正在設置現場直播給教友和供給其他服務。 這是絕佳方式通過禱告的方式與教區和總主教教區保持聯繫。


Masses will be streamed online in Mandarin/Cantonese:
Monday-Saturday at 9:00am.  Sundays at 9:30am.
平日彌撒直播 9:00am. 主日彌撒 9:30am

Live Stream & Holy Communion Schedule 直播彌撒時間及領聖體安排

2021/07/03 5:30pm – Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 常年期第十四主日 (星期六提前感恩禮)

(Mandarin 國語彌撒)


2021/07/04 9:30am – Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 常年期第十四主日


(Cantonese Mass 粤語彌撒)



2021/07/04 11:30am – Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 常年期第十四主日


(English Mass 英語彌撒)



Sunday Offering 堂區捐獻

  1. 請在星期一至三早上,親臨我們聖堂,我們的堂區職員會收取你的捐獻。Deliver Donation in person – Please visit our parish office (Mon to Wed) morning time in person, our parish staff will receive your generous offer.
  2. 網上捐獻: 請瀏覽溫哥華總主教捐獻網頁 Online Donation – The Archdiocese of Vancouver has established online donation for all parishes. You can dedicate your donation as follows: