The Parish Life Centre (PLC) offers a comfortable environment for parishioners and their friends to meet for social and recreational activities to help build community.  PLC offers a variety of physical, artistic and linguistic activities, from Tai Chi, Line Dancing and Chinese Calligraphy to English and Mandarin as Second Language classes.

PLC is operated by a group of volunteers and experienced instructors.  It is open to parishioners and friends.  We welcome you to join our programs and facilities.

Course list – January – March, 2020 – English

Operation hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Closed on Thurday.

聖方濟堂區活動中心成立於2003年, 日常由多位資深導師和義工熱心教学及襄助。 開設多元化成人課程, 讓學生、家長、教友及社區大眾舒泰身心。 中心並供應各種中英文書籍、報紙、雜誌、各式棋子、乒乓球桌等設施給會員使用, 歡迎教友及教外人士多多齊來參與中心各項課程及活勳。

課程內容: 包括語文班(普通話,粵語,英語); 讀聖經學國語、電腦班、健身班(太極, 健康舞, 社交舞),書法、國畫班、手工藝班及福傳粵曲等。

中心開放時間為星期一至星期五,上午10:00 – 下午4:00。星期四休息


Introduction: The SFX Parish Life Centre (PLC) was established in 2003.
The PLC is operated by a group of volunteers and experienced instructors.
Objective: To show God’s mercy and promote Chinese culture.
Programs: Multicultural courses for adults, including Language Programs (Mandarin, Cantonese & English); Bible Sharing Group; Tai Chi; Dance Classes (Line Dance, Ballroom Dance); Chinese Calligraphy Classes; Cantonese Gospel Opera, etc.
Volunteers: The PLC welcomes parishioners who are interested in serving as welcomers to join our volunteers team.  We are open from Monday to Friday (off on Thursday), 10am to 4:30pm.
Coordinator: Maria Tan Ling
Registration: Telephone 604-254-2727 ext 116 or 117



性質: 聖方濟堂區活動中心成立於2003年,由多位資深導師及義工熱心教學及襄助。
宗旨: 弘揚天主慈恩及推廣中華文化。
課程内容: 開設多元化成人課程包括語文班(普通話、粵語、英語)、福音分享、健身班(太極、健康舞、社交舞)、書法班及福傳粵曲組等。欲知詳情請瀏覽堂區活動中心網頁
義工: 歡迎教友加入我們的義工隊。有興趣的,請前來參觀我們的中心。中心開放時間為週一至週五(週四休息),上午10時至下午4時30分。
負責人: 譚玲
報名: 請電604-254-2727内缐116或117




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