There is a lot of good Catholic information on the Internet.  This page offers just a few good places to start.

What Catholics Believe 信仰知識

Catholic Answers
Straight forward and readable articles. They also do radio broadcasts that you can listen to on your computer, tablet or MP3 player.
Eternal Word Television Network is another good, popular website. It has articles on faith, television and radio programs that are accessible to anyone free of charge via the Internet.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church
A comprehensive and readable summary of the Catholic Faith, published under Blessed Pope John Paul II in 1993. This site offers excellent support for searches by topic or by specific paragraph numbers. It also offers a mobile-friendly format so you can search for answers on faith and moral questions from the CCC and Compendium anywhere, anytime.
Catholic Education Resource Centre
The Centre collects articles and book excerpts on Catholic teachings, especially on current moral and social teachings of the Church. This hub offers the latest articles and insights of the best, brightest writers, authors and journalists around the globe.
New Advent
A website with the entire text of the Catholic Encyclopedia, the entire Summa Theologica, the writings of the Church Fathers, and hundreds of Church documents straight to your computers and mobile devices wherever you go. It is a one-stop shop for ancient documents and the latest Catholic articles and blogs.
Catechism Tests
Test how much you know about the Catholic faith.
The Bible 聖經
English (NRSV-CE) / 聖經[中文]



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