The seven sacraments touch all the stages and all the important moments of Christian life: they give birth and increase, healing and mission to the Christian’s life of faith. – Article 1210 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life…and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. (CCC 1213) It is the sacrament of faith and as Jesus Christ affirms in the Gospel, baptism is necessary for salvation. Being baptized “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” purifies original sin and all personal sins. The newly baptized enter into a new life in Christ, giving access to true freedom.

We encourage our parish families to present their newborns within one month of their birth. Please contact the parish priest at 604-254-2727, ext 103 to register. Parents are required to take a baptismal course for their first child and godparents are invited to attend together.

Teenagers over 16 years old and adults seeking Baptism or full communion with the Catholic Church are asked to contact the RCIA coordinators, Sr. Veronica Tang or Patrick Szeto at  More info on how to prepare oneself for Baptism at RCIA page.

Learn what it means to be baptized in the Catholic Church at the Archdiocese of Vancouver website.

10 Points the Parents should know for their Child’s Baptism…for details

聖洗使人在基督內得到新生。按主基督的意思,這為得救是必需的,就像教會是必 需的一樣。洗禮使我們加入教會。

洗禮的主要禮儀是受洗者三次浸入水中或三次倒水在頭上,同時念:『某某,我因 父及子及聖神之名給你付洗。』洗禮的效果或謂洗禮的恩寵相當豐富:赦免原罪和一切 本罪,獲得新生命,使人成為天主的義子、基督的肢體、聖神的宮殿。因此受洗者加入 教會—基督的身體,分享基督的司祭職。

聖洗在人靈魂上烙上一個不能磨滅的 印記,使受洗者祝聖為基督宗教敬禮的人。因 為有此烙印,洗禮因而不能重領。天主教也承認幾個基督教大的教派洗禮是有效的,如 長老會、聖公會、路德會等等,由這些教派轉而參加天主的教會,不須再領受聖洗聖事 。那些為信仰而死的人,慕道者和一切雖不認識教會,卻在聖寵推動下真誠追求天主並 努力履行天主旨意的人,雖然沒有受洗,亦能得救。當代神學家稱這些人為無名的基督 徒,他們沒有基督徒的名義,卻真實的生活出了基督徒的德行,比如中國的哲人以及我 們所感恩敬愛的祖先們,他們都有可能得救。

自古以來就給幼兒付洗,因為洗禮是 天主的恩惠與禮品,並不要求人的功勞,而嬰 兒是在教會的信德內受洗。再者進入基督的生命是引進真正的自由。對於沒受洗而死去 的嬰兒,教會禮儀邀請我們信靠天主的仁慈,並為他們的得救而祈禱。在必要時,任何 人都能施洗,只要有意遵照教會的規定。舉行洗禮儀式。

中文資料取自香港教區’天主教教義函授課程 ‘