Choosing a Patron Saint for Confirmation

During the Confirmation ceremony, the Archbishop or priest addresses each confirmand by his/her “Confirmation Name”. This may be your existing baptismal name if this is the name of a saint.

Most confirmands choose a new Confirmation name and this also must be the name of a saint who will be your ‘confirmation patron saint’. The important thing is that you know something about the life and virtues of the saint and pray to that saint for help and guidance.

Common Saints

If you choose a name such as John, Francis, James, Catherine, Teresa and Maria, you should know which saint you are choosing – there are many saints called by these names.

Searching for Saints on the Internet

There are many Catholic sites dedicated to saints on the Internet. We have listed some below that will be helpful and interesting.

  • EWTN saints mini site gives detail bio of each saint that you can search by name in alphabetical order or by dates.
  • Catholic Forum hosts a list of patron saints according to various patron categories. You can look up a category, select the appropriate item and follow the link to biographical information about the particular patron saint.
  • The Vatican Website has a list of all the saints canonized by Blessed Pope John Paul II.

Young Saints – Heroes of Holiness for Youth

Read about these young saints and be inspired.