Resuming of Public Mass Announcement

Dear Parishioners,
It has been almost 2 months since the suspension of Mass with a public congregation in our Archdiocese.
We are grateful that St. Francis Xavier Parish will resume public Weekday and Sunday Masses:

  • Weekday Masses Monday to Saturday at 9:00am starting Monday, May 25.
  • Sunday Masses will begin on the weekend of May 30/31.

Masses with a congregation will be limited to no more than 50 people.

However, all the faithful in the Archdiocese of Vancouver remain dispensed from the obligation to attend
Sunday Mass during this initial reopening phase. The majority of our faithful will continue to observe the
Lord’s day by praying at home.
Live streaming Masses continues:

  • Weekday Masses (Monday to Saturday) at 9:00am
  • Saturday, 5:30pm in Mandarin and
  • Sunday, 9:30am in Cantonese.

Please check our St. Francis Xavier YouTube Channel:

High Risk & Sick Parishioners

Those who are sick or in quarantine must stay home for the sake of the wider community. People
(especially the elderly) with underlying or comprised medical conditions are also encouraged to stay

The following must stay home temporarily for the sake of the wider community:

  • People with COVID-19 or who live with someone with COVID-19.
  • People who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • People who are sick, including those with even the slightest symptoms or feelings of sickness,
    especially if with upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms.
  • People who have recently travelled outside of Canada.

The following are encouraged to stay home temporarily for the sake of the wider community:

  • People who live with someone with upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms.
  • People, especially the elderly, with underlying or comprised medical conditions.
  • Family members who live with elderly people or those who are at risk.
  • People with allergy that sneeze, while runny nose is okay

Mass Attendance & Registration

  • All registered parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Parish MUST pre-register before Mass, Registration starting from May 23 (Saturday). For parishioners who do not belong to any sodality or group, please register by one of the following methods:
    • Contact Parish office by phone (604-254-2727) or in person.
    • Online Registration:
    • Individual & Family Registration Deadline: May 27 (Wednesday)
  • Sodality and Group Leaders will coordinate their members’ registrations. Sodality and Group Registration Deadline: May 26 (Tuesday).
  • You must be registered parishioner to reserve a place.
  • Please provide contact information during pre-registration:
    Mass Time Parishioner’s Name Cell Phone Number Email Address Address Envelope Number
  • A database record of the contact information of those who attend each Mass will be retained so that, in the case of an individual who tests positive for COVID-19, the parish will be able to assist public health officials with tracing by contacting everyone who may have been exposed.
  • If you have not been registered and have not received confirmation call or text by Friday, May 29, 2020 for your attendance for a Mass time we unfortunately cannot allow entry as we have to follow strict protocols for everyone’s health safety.
  • One registered parishioner can reserve No more than 4 persons from the same household. All confirmed to attend Mass parishioners have to arrive 20 minutes before Mass time in order to enter the church. No guarantee for late comers.
  • The schedule for the weekend Mass is as follow:
    • Saturday 5:30 pm (in Mandarin)
    • Sunday 8:00 am (in Cantonese)
    • Sunday 9:30 am (in Cantonese)
    • Sunday 11:15am (in English)
  • The time for weekday Mass is Monday to Saturday morning at 9:00 am.
  • At this initial reopening phase, very young children are encouraged to stay home. However, if you are planning to bring very young children to church, please indicate when signing up.

Protocols & Guidelines

  • We are trying to make the environment for Mass safe, but you will be attending at your own risk. Be sure to keep the pandemic regulations of safe distancing. It is important for individuals and families to take responsibility for protecting themselves and others.
  • When entering the church compound, the faithful should put on a face mask, take body temperature and cleanse their hands with sanitizer. The use of holy water at the church entrance should be suspended. Parish will not provide face mask; therefore, please prepare your own supply.
  • Please follow Ushers’ guidelines and all the signs and directions given.
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres or 6 feet has to be strictly maintained, especially during Holy Communion. Seating is restricted to every second pew to maintain physical distancing. Tape is placed on floor to indicate proper 2 metres spacing between persons, when waiting to receive Holy Communion. Mark off seats that are on the aisle to keep social distancing when people are lined up for Holy Communion. No Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion will be arranged.
  • Once the Mass is concluded, parishioners should leave the church premises and avoid socializing.
  • The church will be cleaned daily Monday to Saturday by our caretaker. And after every weekend Mass, volunteers are going to clean the pews and other commonly touched surfaces. We are recruiting Cleaning and Sanitizing volunteers after each Mass.
  • During the pandemic, the Archbishop requires that all hymnals, missals, pew cards, and other loose items in the pews must be removed, in order to facilitate cleaning. There will be no congregational singing for the time being.
  • Due to the difficulty to maintain social distancing, Children liturgy is not available, and Crying Room will be temporarily closed.
  • Ushers will wear masks and gloves to distribute Sunday Bulletins and must not return after reading.
  • All restrooms will be closed, it will be available for an emergency. Therefore, elderly and children should reconsider whether they are suitable to attend mass.
  • Sunday Cafe is suspended. There should be no gathering before or after Mass. Sodality and Group gatherings or meetings are continued suspended.
  • Confessions and other spiritual assistance can also be arranged by appointments by email
    ([email protected]) or by phone (604-254-2727)
  • Parish Liturgical guideline will be circulated with different Mass serving groups on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

We will follow Archdiocese guideline closely, if there are any updated news, we will post in our parish media. If you want to receive latest parish news, we suggest the following communication channels:

SFX Website
SFX Phone Application Android:
SFX Live Stream Masses
Receive SFX Parish Bulletin via Email [email protected]
SFX Facebook
Sunday Offering

The following are Sunday Masses contacts:

Sunday Masses Contact Person
Saturday 5:30 pm (in Mandarin) Sr. Mary Yuan [email protected] 604-356-7605
John Jiang [email protected] 604-808-8570
Sunday 8:00 am (in Cantonese) Pauline Chan [email protected] 604-836-0823
Karina Lai [email protected] 778-846-9545
Sunday 9:30 am (in Cantonese) Louie Lui [email protected] 604-318-2668
George Chan [email protected] 604-339-8169
Sunday 11:15am (in English) Jimmy Leung [email protected] 604-618-1836
Camil Chan [email protected] 604-612-9838

During this extraordinary time, let us intensify our prayers for the end of the pandemic, for those who are suffering and for those who have passed away. May St, Francis Xavier intercede for our parish community as we prepare to resume public Mass.

In Christ,


在我們教區内,平日及主日公開彌撒已暫停舉行差不多有兩個多月。我們感謝天主, 天主教聖方濟堂將會於:

  • 5 月 25 日(星期一)起,恢復公開平日彌撒(星期一至星期六)
  • 5 月 30 / 31 日(週末)開始,恢復公開主日彌撒 參與公開彌撒人數,每台最多爲 50 人。

不過,在這個時期,教友仍然可以選擇觀看彌撒直播,或反省主日彌撒經文、閱讀 聖經和祈禱,以替代參與主日彌撒的本份。


  • 平日彌撒(星期一至星期六),上午 9:00
  • 星期六,國語(提前主日彌撒),下午 5:30
  • 星期日,粵語主日彌撒,上午 9:30

請瀏覽堂區 YouTube 頻道:


身體不適或是在隔離中的教友,為了團體中其他人的健康安全,應當留在家中。身 體有健康問題的人仕,特別是長者,也應當留在家中。


  • 凡是新型冠狀病毒 COVID-19 感染者,或與感染者同住的。
  • 曾經與感染 COVID-19 者有接觸的人仕。
  • 有病者, 特別是患有上呼吸氣道或感冒症状(如咳嗽、發燒及呼吸氣道不適)。
  • 最近曾到外地旅遊的人仕。


  • 如患有上呼吸氣道或感冒症状一起居住的人仕。
  • 身體有健康問題的人仕,特別是長者。
  • 照顧長者或與長者一起居住的人仕。
  • 有過敏症而咳嗽或打噴嚏的人仕。


  • 所有在聖方濟堂區已登記的教友必須在參與彌撒前預先登記。登記從 5 月 23 日(星期六)開始,若教友沒有參與堂區善會及團體,可以用以下方式登記:
    • 請致電: 604-254-2727 或親自聯絡堂區辦事處。
    • 網上個人及家庭登記:
    • 個人及家庭登記截止日期:5 月 27 日(星期三)
  • 堂區善會及團體領導將幫助會員登記。登記截止日期:5 月 26 日(星期二)
  • 你一定要是本堂區已登記的教友才可以預約彌撒時間。
  • 請在預約登記時提供以下資料:
    彌撒時間 教友姓名 手機號碼 電郵 住址 信封號碼
  • 堂區會利用資料庫來記錄每台彌撒參與者。若有參與者在未來發現對新型冠 狀病毒疾病 COVID-19 呈陽性反應,堂區可以協助公共醫療人員聯絡所有可 能被暴露的人仕。
  • 假若你未曾登記或是在 5 月 29 日(星期五)仍未收到確認電話或手機短訊有 關你參與彌撒的時間,很抱歉我們將不會讓你進入聖堂。因為我們需要遵照 協議,以保護堂區所有人的健康安全。
  • 每一位登記教友最多可以預約 4 位同住的家庭成員。已確認參與彌撒的教友 需要在彌撒前 20 分鐘抵達聖堂。我們不能確保遲到的人可以進入聖堂内。
  • 主日彌撒的時間如下:
    • 星期六下午 5:30 (國語)
    • 星期日上午 8:00 (粵語)
    • 星期日上午 9:30 (粵語)
    • 星期日上午 11:15(英語)
  • 平日彌撒時間(星期一至星期六),上午 9:00
  • 在這剛開始恢復公開彌撒時期,年幼兒童應當留在家中。但是你若需要帶年幼兒童到聖堂的話,請在預約登記時備註。


  • 我們盡力會令參與彌撒的環境安全,但是參與者要明白自我的風險。請遵照 安全社交距離指引。最重要的是,個人和家庭成員有責任保護自己和其他人。
  • 教友進入聖堂範圍時,必須戴上口罩,量體温,用消毒液搓手。進堂時,停 蘸聖水。堂區不會提供口罩,因此口罩需自備。
  • 請跟隨堂區服務員的指引和遵循聖堂內所有標誌及指示。
  • 2 公尺或 6 英呎的安全社交距離要嚴格保持,特別是在領聖體時。座位會是用隔行來保持安全距離。地上會有貼紙來標明 2 公尺距離,為排隊領聖體時用。將不會安排非常務送聖體員送聖體。
  • 彌撒後,教友應立即離開聖堂場地,避免社交接觸。
  • 堂區服務人員將於星期一至六,每日清潔聖堂。每台主日彌撒後,義工將會清潔座位及其他多人觸碰的地方。我們需要招募義工來幫忙清潔。
  • 在這個防疫時期,溫哥華總主教需要我們撤除在座位内所有彌撒經書,聖詠 集,祈禱咭,及所有可以移動的物品,爲方便清潔聖堂。我們暫時將不會有集體詠唱。
  • 由於難以維持安全社交距離,兒童禮儀將會暫停,兒童室(Crying Room)將會暫時關閉。
  • 堂區服務員將會戴口罩和穿上手套來派發堂區通訊。教友閱讀後請不要交還。
  • 所有洗手間將會關閉,將在緊急情況才可使用。因此長者和兒童應重新考慮他們是否適合參與彌撒。
  • 主日茶座將會暫停。彌撒前或後,不應有其他公眾集會。善會和團體聚會或會議繼續暫停。
  • 修和聖事及其他靈修援助,需要和神父預約。可用電郵 ([email protected]) 或用電話(604-254-2727)與神父預約。
  • 堂區禮儀指引將於 2020 年 5 月 26 日(星期二)轉發給彌撒服務的不同組別。

我們將密切關注總教區指引,若有最新消息,我們將在堂 區的不同媒體發報。 假若您想接收最新的堂區消息,建議您使用以下溝通渠道:

聖方濟堂電話應用程式 Android:
彌撒聖祭直播 YouTube 頻道
電子郵件接收聖方濟堂區通訊 [email protected]


主日彌撒 聯絡人
星期六下午 5:30 (國語) Sr. Mary Yuan [email protected] 604-356-7605
John Jiang [email protected] 604-808-8570
星期日上午 8:00 (粵語) Pauline Chan [email protected] 604-836-0823
Karina Lai [email protected] 778-846-9545
星期日上午 9:30 (粵語) Louie Lui [email protected] 604-318-2668
George Chan [email protected] 604-339-8169
星期日上午 11:15 (英語) Jimmy Leung [email protected] 604-618-1836
Camil Chan [email protected] 604-612-9838

在這特殊時期,讓我們為蔓延全世界的傳染病早日完結作更多祈禱,特別為受苦的 及已逝世的人祈禱。在我們準備恢復公開彌撒時,願聖方濟沙勿略為我們堂區團體 轉求。