Members of the SFX Mandarin Group are, of course, mandarin speaking parishioners, young and old.  Some of us are from Taiwan, some from China and some from other countries.  At SFX, we are blessed to have mandarin speaking priest and sisters to serve our pastoral and spiritual needs.  Mandarin Masses are celebrated on Sunday at 4:30pm and Saturday at 5:30pm.

Catechism classes are offered for adults, young adults and children to prepare them for the Sacraments of Initiation.

Meeting the spiritual and social needs of our Mandarin speaking parishioners’ is our objective.  We gather regularly for family rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, picnics and other social activities.  We also participate actively in parish events and projects.

We welcome new parishioners, especially new immigrants to our community.  Please email us at for more information.

顧名思義, 國語團體是以講國語教友為主的團體。成員來自全球華人華僑。堂區有專職的講國語的神父、修女為我們國語教友提供全方位的牧民服務。教友可參與星期天下午四時半的國語主日感恩祭,或星期六下午五時半的國語提前感恩祭。堂區更為國語教友設有固定時間的國語平日彌撒及國語朝拜聖體。



如果您想進一步瞭解或要加入成為我們中的一員,請和我們聯繫 ,讓我們結伴而行。